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E-Blast 2/25

Parent's Corner:

Attention Parents

Current students who completed levels K and above last year will receive money for each level and a bonus if they completed the program. We know Kumon can be challenging, and the real reward is the knowledge obtained, but these students have worked hard, and they deserve to be rewarded. Students who are discontinued because they completed the program will also get a reward check.

Math Rights of Passage

Level K - $25

Level L - $25

Level M - M bag and $25

Level N - $50

Level O - $50

Completion - $100

Reading Rights of Passage

Level K - $25

Level L - $50

Completion - $100


Star Student

Congratulations Juwon! Your math skills have been shining! You always stay focused and determined to get your work done quietly and accurately within the classroom. Keep up the pace and see how much further you'll continue to go. We recognize the boost in confidence. Keep up the great math work!

Remember to check your emails and stay tuned to see when your child is nominated - Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the feature as well!


Student Birthdays

Nadia O. - 2/28

Joseph F. - 3/1

Jacob D. - 3/2

Abisola A. - 3/3

Shayaan M. - 3/3

Staff Birthdays

Let's help them celebrate! 🎉

New Students

William G. - Math & Reading

Let’s welcome them to Kumon! Refer a family and get $100 off tuition


Please rate and provide feedback! We're interested in how we can be better =)

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