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E-Blast 3/11

Parent's Corner:

Attention Parents

St. Patrick's Day - 3/17

The week leading up to St. Patrick's Day, there will be another "Guess How Many?", treats, and photobooth! Can't wait for you to join us!


Star Student

Congratulations Akshara! Transitioning from Early learners to the main classroom has been such an accomplishment. Seeing your confidence boosted with math, your mental math is definitely shining! And your fluency with reading is improving more and more, we love that you sound out each part =) Keep up the great work!

Remember to check your emails and stay tuned to see when your child is nominated - Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the feature as well!


Student Birthdays

Eliana A. - 3/04

Femi A. - 3/08

Aleisha H. - 3/11

Sevara I. - 3/12

Linah A-S. - 3/14

Zoya S. - 3/14

Ahad A. - 3/15

Kyle A. - 3/16

Staff Birthdays

Let's help them celebrate! 🎉

New Students

Caleb C. - Reading

Sophia T. - Reading

Gabi M. - Math & Reading

Jayda G. - Math & Reading

Amir G. - Math & Reading

Let's give them a warm welcome!


Please rate and provide feedback! We're interested in how we can be better =)

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