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E-Blast 6/10 - ASHR Virtual Student Conference 2022

Parent's Corner:

Summer Challenge

We have an exciting new challenge for our students to participate in! The practice makes achievements challenge (PMA Challenge) is a fun Activity Board for students to complete and earn points. The challenge will run from Wednesday, June 15th – to Saturday, July 9th. Each student who earns a minimum of 50 points and returns the Activity Board by Saturday, July 9th will receive:

  • One limited-edition pencil

  • A certificate of completion

  • Entrance into a raffle for a chance to win a limited-edition pencil pouch

Look for the Activity Board that will be sent home with your child’s next assignments!

2022 Virtual Student Conference

For the first time ever, one student from each center will be selected to attend the 2022 Virtual Student Conference! The event will take place on Friday, August 12th. Attendees will hear stories from inspirational Kumon Students and participate in fun activities. To apply for a chance to attend, students participating in the PMA Challenge must meet the below criteria:

  • Score 50+ points on the Activity Board

  • Attain Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) 1 or above in Math or Reading by May 2022

  • Submit the Student Conference Application Form or email us to apply by July 9th

We’re excited to see all that your child achieves throughout this challenge! Please reach out if you have any questions.

Star Student

Congratulations Samiyah on your nomination for Star Student this week! Your fluency in reading has continued to improve and we can definitely see the boost in confidence! Seeing how much your confidence and reading skills have grown within these last couple of years is tremendous! Continue to come out of your shell, the great work, and way to go!

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Student Birthdays

Aubrey P-F. - 6/11

Harjachak S. - 6/17

Olivia Be. - 6/17

Kaleb A-S. - 6/18

Maya A. - 6/19

Akshara V. - 6/19

Staff Birthdays

Let's help them celebrate! 🎉

New Students

Hendrix P. - Reading

Anna K. - Math

Refer a family and get $100*!


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