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E-Blast 6/24 - July Closures & Announcements

Parent's Corner:

CLOSED: Monday, July 4

(Make-up, Tuesday, July 5, regular schedule)

CLOSED: Week of July 11-15

(TWO weeks of work will be provided to students)

LAST DAY, to submit Summer Challenge Board: July 18

Star Student

Congratulations Ken! Your acceleration in math is unbelievable. You continue to surprise us all with your accuracy and speed! You will be doing high school-level math in no time! Keep up the great work =)

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Student Birthdays

Aydin D. - 6/28

Zuri R. - 6/29

Daniel J. - 6/30

Staff Birthdays

Let's help them celebrate! 🎉

New Students

Joselyn B. - Reading

Julia B. - Reading

Refer a family and get $100*!


Please rate and provide feedback! We're interested in how we can be better =)

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