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E-Blast 9/30 - Hello October! Photo Contest Ending 10/4


Parent's Corner: Photo Contest Ending!

Deadline: October 4th

Weekly Winners

Each week, one winner will be selected for a $75 prize.

Grand Prize

One Grand Prize winner will receive $400 at the end of the photo contest.


Star Student

Congratulations Landon! Keep up the great work in Math. Your eagerness always shines bright when you come into the center for your session. Great work on passing your first math test. Way to go!

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Student Birthdays

Tai D. - 10/2

Mela E. - 10/2

Eladana S. - 10/2

Maliya T. - 10/4

Hope K. - 10/6

Gabi M. - 10/6

Staff Birthdays

- Let's help them celebrate! 🎉

New Students

Skylar J. - Math

Logan J. - Reading

Skylar C. - Math & Reading

Raymond C. - Math & Reading

Refer a family and get $100*!


Please rate and provide feedback! We're interested in how we can be better =)

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