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School's Back in Session! E-Blast 9/17


Star Student

We will be featuring our Star Students here!

Remember to check your emails and stay tuned to see when your child is nominated - Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the feature as well!


Parent's Corner

Attention Parents

Auction Prize Redemption: If you've won an item from the auction make sure to redeem your prize from the front office!


Scan the code if you would like to make changes to your child’s Kumon Session. This is for permanent changes, not one-time make-up sessions.

Student Birthdays

Gavin O. - 9/16

Staff Birthdays:

Ms. Adaugo - 9/14

Mr. AJ P. - 916

Let's Wish them all a Happy Birthday! 🎉


New Students

Zoya S. - Math

Minha S. - Math & Reading

Juwon O. - Math

Let's give them a warm Kumon welcome!

Refer a family and get $25 off tuition

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